Thread lifting only program

Thread Lift

Areas: face, double chin, neck wrinkles, arms, mouth creases, under-eye area

Customized Package

Idol Package / Signature Package / Business Package / Interview Package

Thread Lift For Men

Pang Pang Clinic’s Thread Lifting exclusively for men

Pang Pang


Pang Pang by the numbers

27,500 meters of threads are used in our procedure – a length equivalent to three times the height of Mount Everest.

Total Thread Lifting Cases

11,000 cases

Before & After

Explore the transformative journey of our clientele through our real photo testimonials at Pang Pang Clinic. Check out the possibilities and see how you too can step out into the limelight.

Lower-face | 20’s | 3 Months

Lower-face | Double chin | 40’s | 1 Month

Mid-face | Nose | 40’s | 1 Month

Lower face | Nose | 20’s | Same-day

Mid face | 20’s | 1 Month

Mid-face | 40’s | 3 Months