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Minute lifting

Introducing an unrivaled procedure, exclusively at PangPang! Stemming from our profound expertise in thread-lifting, we offer you a swift and effortless facelift procedure. More powerful and convenient than any machine-lifting, experience the immediate transformation with our signature Minute lifting.

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Minute lifting

“Because every moment is precious”

Introducing our unique, hassle-free lifting treatment, created from the distinctive thread-lifting proficiency of PangPang Clinic.

Unlike traditional thread lifting or invasive surgical methods, our Minute lifting is designed to be swift and efficient, completed within a brief span of 30 minutes. It minimizes discomfort to your skin, allows you to sidestep worries of bruising or swelling, while still offering instantaneous and potent results. This is the exclusive, signature lifting treatment only available at Pang Pang Clinic.

Minute Lifting Benefits

Thread Lifting comparison



Time taken


Lifting effect

Maintenance period

General thread lifting

3 step anesthesia

1 hour

Slight swelling


over one year

New! Minute lifting

Simple anesthesia

30 minutes



6 months ~ 1 year

Machine Lifting

Topical anesthesia

30 minutes


Repeat treatment required

within 1 month

Minute lifting

Recommended for:
  • Busy professionals and parents who find it difficult to set aside time.
  • Those who desire a potent point-lifting effect through the procedure.
  • Those who want quick and natural-looking results for special occasions such as weddings or interviews.
  • Those concerned with wrinkles in specific areas.
  • Those who want easy lifting without worrying about pain
  • Those who are apprehensive as this is their first time considering a lifting procedure.”