Transformative Threads


Pang Pang

Harnessing the transformative power of threads, we welcome you to Pang Pang, a prestigious institution specialized in thread lifting. Born out of a commitment to sculpting; a world of ageless beauty. Prepare to be amazed.

Finding the common “thread”

Your precious skin deserves an unparalleled degree of firmness and beauty. Harnessing two decades of dedication to thread lifting, we are thrilled to unveil an exclusive medical institution. Unprecedented in the world, we specialize solely in the art of thread lifting.


Our thread lifting characteristics

Aesthetic, Elegance, Lift

세・예・실 (Sae・Yae・Sil)

Our procedure produces the most aesthetic results

Pure, Natural, Lift

세・자・실 (Sae・Ja・Sil)

Our procedure produces the most natural results

500,000 method

50만실 (50・Man・Sil)

Our procedures utilizes our 500,000 thread method

Born from the wisdom of countless experiences and masterful expertise, our thread lifting is a testament to refined beauty. Pang Pang Clinic stands as the pinnacle of aesthetic perfection, committed not only to elevating your beauty but also uplifting your spirit.