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PIM injection

Experience the innovative ‘PIM’, a resilience injection utilizing Pang Pang’s unique technical prowess, perfected with our extensive lifting expertise and precise surgical techniques

Radient-looking and Wrinkle-Free Skin

PIM Injection

PIM: Pointed Injection Method

Why can’t we tackle both volume and wrinkles at the same time? With our approach, you can easily enhance facial volume and smooth away wrinkles with a non-invasive, 30-minute procedure.

Our lifting injections are performed with the utmost care. We use advanced absorbable thread components to significantly increase your body’s collagen production, yielding not only a natural-looking volume but also a firmer skin texture.

PIM Injection Patent Certificate*

*PIM Injection is only available at Pang Pang

Safe with self-administered collagen boosting

Naturally increase volume to eyes and lip

Improve both skin texture and elasticity

Specialized POD threads for even better results

Treatment information


~30 minutes

degree of pain


recovery period



local anesthesia


6 months ~ 2 years

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About PIM

4 things to know

  • Treatment area: around the eyes, forehead, forehead, etc.
  • PIM Composition: Ultra cell + Thread Lifting + Botox
  • Treatment frequency: once a month (recommended 3-5 treatments for optimal effect)
  • Duration: up to 2 years

Ideal candidates

  • Those who want simple improvement of fine wrinkles
  • Those with negative reactions to to conventional filler treatments
  • Those seeking a safe and established treatment

PIM injection

Why it’s the right choice
  • Swiftly smooth out delicate wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
  • Simultaneously refine wrinkles, skin elasticity, and complexion
  • Experience a natural enhancement of facial volume
  • Benefit from the increased safety of the procedure thanks to our use of absorbable thread ingredients
  • Witness naturally potent results with our silk powder and specialized thread lift exclusively designed for the eyes
  • Enjoy a quick return to your daily routine courtesy of our light-touch injection procedure
  • Indulge in an elevated elasticity stemming from an increased production of your own collagen
  • Trust in the distinguished expertise and unique procedure approach exclusive to Pang Pang