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Thread lifting specialization

As the medical field continues to advance lifting has evolved from invasive surgeries to non-invasive procedures.

Over a decade ago, we started a singular focus: Thread Lifting. We embarked on this journey with a vision to pioneer and transform the industry.

PangPang’s thread lifting philosophy was inspired by the delicate emphasis on ‘lines’ in Korean beauty aesthetics. We devoted ourselves to a quest: How can we amplify and preserve these distinctive lines that define Korean beauty?

Our relentless pursuit led us through a myriad of global medical texts, books, and research papers. We found ourselves questioning the lack of innovation in existing thread lifting techniques. This transformative thinking marked the inception of Pang Pang’s distinct thread lifting methodology.

Born from the need for an innovative approach that addresses patient fears and facilitates a swift return to daily life, Pang Pang’s thread lifting today stands as the height of elegance and efficiency in aesthetic treatments.

Pang Pang

3 core principles


Everyone is a VIP

Each individual who steps through our doors is of equal importance – be they an international celebrity, Arabian royalty, statesman, or one our loyal clients.

At Pang Pang, every client is deserving of uncompromising care and attention. Because every customer is a VIP.


No promotional events

Our 500,000 thread-lifting method, is a premium service honed to perfection through thousands of procedures.
The real event, we believe, begins after our treatment – as you witness the transformation of your life


Thread Lifting Excellence

Thread lifting is a sophisticated art that demands a high level of technical skill and professional expertise. With this in mind, Pang Pang dedicates itself to the mastery of thread lifting and treatments that synergize with it.
Our unwavering focus gives birth to a difference that is both meticulous and powerful. This, we believe, is the cornerstone of a premium experience and ultimate satisfaction that we offer our esteemed clientele.

Pang Pang Clinic

thread lifting history

“Three times the height of Mount Everest”

Total Thread Lifting Cases

11,000 cases

Total number of threads used


Total thread length used