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For those grappling with unsatisfactory results following their thread lifting procedure, we offer a specialized revision center aimed at remedying unsuccessful outcomes


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Introduction to the Thread Lifting Revision Center

Thread lifting, when performed by a medical team endowed with extensive clinical experience and a proven track record of expertise, can deliver exceptional results. It is a procedure that can be highly effective when done correctly.

However, as with all beneficial tools, there can occasionally be unintended outcomes.

At the PangPang Clinic, we have trained a multitude of global medical professionals in the art of thread lifting. In doing so, we’ve found ourselves fielding numerous requests for advice on resolving various complications arising from less skillful thread lifting procedures.

Consequently, we’ve naturally performed a large number of corrective procedures on failed thread lifting cases referred to us from across the country and even overseas.

Through our experience of helping patients who have suffered significantly due to unsuccessful thread lifting, we’ve come to understand that remedying failed thread lifting is a challenging task. It demands a higher degree of technique and clinical experience compared to initial procedures. Moreover, it’s become clear to us that achieving a natural and perfect recovery isn’t just about mending the thread lifting. It involves a sophisticated, comprehensive approach that takes aesthetic sensibilities into account. This often necessitates the integration of additional treatments like fillers, Botox, and laser procedures.

“Pang Pang Clinic takes great pride in launching South Korea’s first-ever ‘Thread Lifting Revision Center‘ — a clinic specializing exclusively in corrective thread-lifting procedures.”

Drawing on our wealth of clinical expertise, our aim is to lessen the distress of those suffering from unsuccessful thread-lifting procedures and restore their happiness and beauty.

Pang Pang Clinic is proud to launch South Korea’s first-ever specialized clinic for corrective thread-lifting procedures: The Thread Lifting Revision Center.

Don’t struggle alone with the consequences of a failed thread-lifting procedure. Reach out to the Pang Pang Clinic’s Thread Lifting Revision Center, and let us help you reclaim your beauty and confidence.