Thread Lifting

Experience our customized thread lifting program, tailored exclusively for men. We take into consideration not only the skin characteristics and bone structure, but also your preferred style.


Thread Lifting

“What is PangPang’s Thread Lifting for Men?

In this day and age, aesthetic refinement is no longer the domain of women alone. Indeed, the tide has been turning, with an increasing number of men seeking the expertise of dermatological and plastic surgery clinics over recent years.

The preferences of men when it comes to lifting procedures diverge somewhat from those of women. Men are typically more concerned with the amelioration of ‘specific wrinkles’ that are particularly noticeable, such as those appearing under the eyes or the furrows etched between the brows.

Often, this is largely due to men paying less heed to skincare routines, such as moisturizing and UV protection. Coupled with the unique characteristics of male skin which tends to form deeper, more pronounced wrinkles, the need for targeted treatment is evident. Just by addressing these deep-set wrinkles, one can significantly dial back the hands of time, achieving a noticeably more youthful appearance.

Responding to these unique needs and traits, Pang Pang Clinic offers ‘Thread Lifting Exclusively for Men’. This refined, precision-driven thread lifting procedure is specifically tailored to meet the aesthetic aspirations of the modern man. Our approach focuses on enhancing the under-eye area and frown lines, effectively tackling those telltale signs of aging that can often be so prominent.

Thread lifting

thread lifting treatment area


double chin

neck wrinkles

arms / abdomen

corner of mouth


Treatment information


30 min ~ 1 hour

degree of pain


recovery period



Partial /Airnox /
Sleep anesthesia


~1 year or more



Custom Thread Lifting

L ifting
lifting thread

Barbed threads are used for anchoring or pulling

A ssist
assist room

Complementary threads are added to produce a lifting effect

T- ightening
elastic thread

As time passes after the procedure, elasticity can be restored to the skin

V olume
volume thread

Threads to add volume to under-eye, cheek, and eye bag areas



How it works

ultrasonic visual check

Pre-operative ultrasound design design check

doctor consultation

Confirmation and progress check with one of our qualified directors

Unlimited thread customization

Freedom and flexibility to customize thread lifting to your unique needs

Thread aftercare

Special treatment package for care after the procedure to enhance and prolong the effects of the treatment

Thread Lifting

Why it’s the right choice
  • Achieve a noticeable V-line lifting effect for immediate transformation
  • Tackle sagging issues through fat tissue adjustment
  • Enhance the smoothness of your facial contours, promoting harmony and balance
  • Undergo a simple, non-invasive procedure with no damage to the skin’s surface
  • Boost your skin’s elasticity
  • Experience minimal discomfort with reduced foreign body sensation
  • Attain a natural voluminous look
  • Rest assured with our use of safe, FDA/CE/KFDA-approved dissolvable threads
  • Induce collagen regeneration within the skin layers with Sculptra PLLA ingredient
  • Benefit from our thorough sterilization and disinfection practices
  • Improve wrinkles through our lifting procedure designed to adhere to your muscles