Full Guide to Post-Thread Lifting Care

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In this blog, we are going to introduce our clinic’s adorable new family cat “Coco”, who will show you the do’s and don’ts for a smooth recovery after your procedure. Get ready for a purr-fectly rejuvenating experience with Coco’s expert tips!

Post-Procedure Management

Coco, a playful 2-year-old boy, has some tips to share.

Tip 1: For optimal results, wear the contour band as often as possible for a month after the procedure.


Tip 2: Apply ointment 1~2 times a day for about 3 days. After washing your face, gently massage the ointment into the treated area, moving from inside to outside.

Contour Band

Tip 3: If you have stitches, remember to remove them after 3~4 days.


Post-Procedure Don’ts

Coco, who is quite sociable and not at all shy, has some warnings as well.

Tip 1: Avoid makeup on the day of the procedure and wash your face lightly. From the second day, you can use cleansing foam.


Tip 2: On the day after the procedure, shampoo with water only. You can start using shampoo from the second day.

No Makeup

Tip 3: After removing the patch, apply the appropriate ointment. Do not forcibly remove the patch, wait until the next day. After removing the patch, apply antibiotic ointment for 5 days, and then switch to scar ointment.


Tip 4: For 3~7 days after the procedure, avoid inflammation triggers like drinking and smoking.


Tip 5: Also, avoid physical stimulation. Stay away from saunas, steam rooms, and acupressure massages for 3~7 days after the procedure.

No Smoking

Tip 6: Take the prescribed antibiotics diligently, and avoid other herbal medicines for 2 weeks.

No Sauna

Post-Procedure Possible Side Effects

Coco also has some possible side effects information to share. These can occur in any patients, so there’s no need to worry excessively or be caught off guard. Stay informed and prepared with Coco’s guidance!

Tip 1: Post-procedure discomfort varies from person to person. Bruising, swelling, pain, or a bumpy feeling can last for 1~3 weeks. Rest and cold compresses can help alleviate these symptoms.


Tip 2: Be careful not to strain the treated area. After the procedure, you may experience foreign body sensation, stiffness, transparency phenomenon, or a pulling sensation for a while.


Tip 3: If you experience severe or long-lasting discomfort, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a further help📞.


Tip 4: Depending on your lifestyle, the thread may come out. If this happens, don’t panic, and visit the clinic for a further treatment.



We hope you’ve grown to love Coco as much as we do!

Remember, you can expect the lifting effect 3~4 weeks after the procedure.


The improvement of elasticity gradually improves over 6 months to 2 years, depending on the individual’s condition. If skin aging becomes a great stress despite many efforts, don’t hesitate to visit us at Pangpang Clinic.

Lifting Effect

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