Guide to Thread Lift and Post-Procedure Massage Care

In this blog, we’re going to delve into the world of thread lifting and how to reduce swelling after the procedure. We’ll also introduce you to a unique post-procedure massage technique that can help speed up your recovery.

Thread Lift: A Quick Overview

Thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that’s known for its quick recovery time and minimal swelling. However, depending on the case, some residual swelling can occur. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you get rid of this residual swelling as quickly as possible with a simple post-procedure massage.

Meet the Expert: Dr. Seo Kang Yeol

Our very own Dr. Seo Kang Yeol, a specialist in thread lift, will guide you through a massage method that can shorten your recovery period after thread lifting. And guess what? All you need is an egg!

Dr. Seo Kang Yeol

The Massage Area

The key area to focus on during the massage is usually the hairline where the thread starts to go in. The more threads you put in and the more you pull, the more swelling you might have. If the area where the thread went in is swollen and painful, a gentle massage can be a great help.

The Egg Massage Method

The massage involves gently rolling an egg on the massage area. The intensity of the massage is not specifically determined. It’s enough with just enough force not to hurt too much. The egg should be rolled with just enough force not to drop it. This method can be applied to other areas as well.


No Egg? No Problem!

If you don’t have an egg, you can just roll with your hand. A clean disinfected egg or a soft ball is best, but if you don’t have either, you can just rub the treated area in a circular motion with your hand.

If the massage feels stiff and painful, you can apply ointment to reduce friction and gently massage.

Using ointment has a two-in-one effect of anti-inflammatory effects and smoothness on the treatment area. If you don’t have ointment, you can use the nutritional cream or moisturizer ase well. As Dr. Seo says, it’s enough to massage using things at home without unnecessary expenses.

How Often Should You Massage?

Many people are curious about the “frequency” of massage. For more information on the frequency of massage, check out our video guide.

Wrapping Up

We hope you now understand the “massage method” that quickly reduces swelling after a thread lifting procedure. If you have any other questions, feel free to request a consultation or click the whatsapp button down below! We’re here to help you with any concerns about thread lift.

This blog post was brought to you by PangPang Clinic, dedicated to providing you with the best information about thread lift. Stay tuned for more informative posts!

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